GrowthWheel Online Certification

Demo Webinar May 2017

This monthly webinar shows you all the new features on GrowthWheel Online.

In part I, David will take you through the most recent updates we made to the online platform and maybe give you a little sneak peak on the future releases.

In Part II, Søren will give you an online demo of the platform and show you
1) How to create a new client on GrowthWheel Online
2) How to send tools to your client companies - Both GrowthWheel tools and the ones you upload to the platform yourself
3) How to use the key features on GrowthWheel Online.

All the way through the webinar, we invite you to ask as many questions as you want.

We are looking forward to helping you getting the best of GrowthWheel Online.
  • The Demo Webinar
  • Demo Webinar Introduction
  • Part I: Online Product Updates - The latest features
  • Part I: Online Product Updates – Sneak peek of what's next
  • Part II: Online Demo
  • Q&A
  • Q&A How do I engange clients in GrowthWheel Online?
  • Q&A Client Training in GrowthWheel Online
  • Q&A: Can a GrowthWheel version of the BMC be added to Decision Sheets?
  • Comment: Use Business Profile with Lender Information Decision Sheet
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed