GrowthWheel Online Certification

Online Certification Module #4: Relationship Management and Reporting


In this final module, we will look at how you can use GrowthWheel for relationship management, tracking your emails and time with clients. We'll also look at the reports you can use as advisors and managers. Finally, I will show you a demonstration of what the platform looks like from the client's perspective (not up yet).
We will end with the license terms and some last thoughts.

Update as of 5/1/2019: Demo videos (including the video of what the platform looks like from the client's perspective) will be added throughout the month demonstrating each of the Test Drives. I hope to have them up by mid-May, but first will be traveling to New York (where I am now until 5/4), then New Mexico (week of 5/6), then Illinois (week of 5/13). I travel too much. :) ~ Elizabeth

  • Chapter 10 - GrowthWheel as CRM System
  • Welcome to Module 4 in the GrowthWheel Online Certification
  • 10.1 GrowthWheel for Relationship Management [4:56]
  • TEST DRIVE #6: Add info about the client relation & track the time you spend
  • Chapter 11 - Reporting and Analystics
  • 11.1 GrowthWheel Reporting and Analytics [3:06]
  • TEST DRIVE #7: Check the analytics of your clients
  • chapter 12 - Closing
  • 12.1 Presenting the License Terms
  • 12.2 Final comments
  • Stay up to date!
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed