GrowthWheel Online Certification

Online Certification Module #1: Presenting the GrowthWheel Framework

Welcome to GrowthWheel Academy and the Online Certification Course!

This module will introduce you to the concept of GrowthWheel, to the company GrowthWheel, and to this certification course. We will also show you how to present the GrowthWheel concept to your client companies.

In chapter 1, you will learn how GrowthWheel became the company we are today by listening to very good advice.

You will also find out more about the purpose and the outcome of this certification course and we will present the core idea of the GrowthWheel concept. You will also get the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about GrowthWheel.

The second chapter is about presenting GrowthWheel to client companies. We will show you examples of how to do that while reflecting on the GrowthWheel language.
  • Chapter 1: Introduction [24:30]
  • 1.1. Opening [2:45]
  • 1.2. Story of GrowthWheel [4:28]
  • 1.3. Presentation Round [1:25]
  • Assignment: You as an advisor
  • 1.4 Purpose and Outcomes of the Certification Course [3:07]
  • 1.5. One Core Message [1:34]
  • 1.6. Course Program [3:26]
  • 1.7. Burning Questions [0:56]
  • Burning Questions: What is most important for you to know? [ASSIGNMENT]
  • Chapter 2: Presenting GrowthWheel to client companies
  • 2.1. Introduction to Presenting GrowthWheel [0:39]
  • 2.2 Presenting GrowthWheel in 5 min [3:30]
  • 2.3 Reflections on the GrowthWheel Language [2:45]
  • 2.4 Intro to presenting GrowthWheel in more detail [0:50]
  • 2.5. Presenting GrowthWheel in 15 min. [7:30]
  • Assignment: Your presentation of GrowthWheel to clients
  • 1.3. Presentation Round [1:25] (clone)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed