GrowthWheel Online Certification

Online Certification Module #2: Onboarding and Assessing Clients

In this module, we will take a look at some of the core tools in the GrowthWheel Toolbox and how to use them, both on paper and on GrowthWheel Online.

You will see how you can use the 360° Screening tool to find the right focus with the client company and define the scope of work.

You will learn how you can use the tools together or separately and in any order you would like. You will also test drive the tools and get the chance to ask questions and tell us about your thoughts and reflections on the tools.

Update as of 5/1/2019: Demo videos will be added throughout the month demonstrating each of the Test Drives. I hope to have them up by mid-May, but first will be traveling to New York, then New Mexico (week of 5/6), then Illinois (week of 5/13). I travel too much. :)
  • Chapter 3: Onboarding Clients and the Business Profile
  • Introduction to Module 2: Using the GrowthWheel Toolbox
  • 3.1 Business Profile Introduction [3:59]
  • Online Test Drive #1 Demo: Create a client company & business profile [4:52]
  • TEST DRIVE #1: Creating a client and guiding them to create a Business Profile
  • 3.2 Business Profile Wrap Up [1:55]
  • Chapter 4: Assessing Clients: 360º Screening Tool
  • 4.1 360º Screening Introduction [4:41]
  • ASSIGNMENT: GrowthWheel 360° Screening [ASSIGNMENT. Estimated 15 min.]
  • 4.2 Many options when using the 360° Screening [4:46]
  • 4.3 360º Screening Online [5:03]
  • Online Test Drive #2 Demo: Completing the first 360º Screening Online [2:45]
  • TEST DRIVE #2: Completing the first 360° Screening Online
  • 4.4 360º Screening Wrap-Up [1/07]
  • 4.5 Agreeing on a Scope of Work [5:19]
  • 5.1 Scoreboard Introduction [5:19]
  • 5.2 Scoreboard Online [3:30]
  • Online Test Drive #3 Demo: Tracking Ambitions and Outcomes Online [3:40]
  • TEST DRIVE #3: Tracking Ambitions and Outcomes Online
  • 5.3 Scoreboard Wrap Up [0:42]
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed